Get endorsed by Real Estate Mogul & Shark Tank co-Star Barbara Corcoran!

Radio And Television Experts is proud to provide qualified Real Estate agents that rank in the top 1% of their respective market the opportunity to be exclusively endorsed in their local market by the most recognized and respected real estate mogul on TV worldwide and co-star of Shark Tank, the most watched show on all networks on Friday night, one of ABC’s hottest shows, and the #1 show on CNBC. Week after week, business leaders, investors, and families interested in watching how sharp business people think watch Barbara Corcoran evaluate businesses and decide if she values them enough to associate with them. Our program helps qualified agents claim the exclusive endorsement by Barbara and stand alone in their market.

How did this exclusive arrangement come about? Radio And Television Experts CEO and founder Matt Wagner explains:

"For ten years, Radio And Television Experts have utilized high profile endorsements on a local and national level to make radio a trackable, highly profitable listing machine, so when we wanted to create the same high impact effect on TV, we couldn’t think of a higher profile trusted personality than Barbara Corcoran to work with. Besides having the trust of millions, unlike any other celebrity we’ve worked with to endorse our agents, Barbara is clearly established as one of the most successful and recognized real estate brokers worldwide. Shark Tank reminds viewers of that every week. We had her speak at our annual mastermind, and after several meetings with me and our network, she agreed that rather than endorse a company, by endorsing individual clients of Radio And Television Experts would give her the opportunity to truly endorse agents that meet the high standards she established in New York City creating “the Corcoran Group” which she eventually sold for $66,000,000. The biggest challenge in TV is getting the attention of the viewer and having a quality produced commercial that in 30 seconds can offer a compelling message. Especially at a time when consumers can fast-forward through commercials, endorsements from the star of a particular show is huge because a fan of the show sees the co-star, stops and rewinds, thus we capture the viewer. To have someone of Barbara’s caliber endorse our clients is an honor we don’t take lightly. We likewise have high standards that are reflected by our maintaining strong relationships with the most respected names and companies in radio and television coupled with our growth every year."

Your endorsement package includes:

  • Professionally produced commercial featuring Barbara Corcoran endorsing you with a custom message about you.
  • Production option to film and get a picture with Barbara Corcoran in New York city.
  • The ability to use this video commercial in your marketing.
  • Free access to Radio And Television Experts network of 200+ top agents who consistently share the best systems and strategies they are using.
  • 30-mile market exclusivity.
  • Inclusion on the internationally marketed section specifically designed to highlight the real estate agents and brokers that she recommends.
  • An approved press release template to help you get additional free media exposure from your endorsement by the biggest real estate TV star in the US.