Why Use RATE instead of going directly to the radio or TV station to advertise?

1. Which station truly is the best for you? Every station will sell you on why you need to work with them, that’s how they make money. At RATE, we help weigh the options based on experience and consider several factors in choosing the right station. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars in experimenting.

2. How much should I really spend? Typically the first question stations will ask you is ‘What’s your budget?’ At RATE, we help you establish a budget based on model of success in other markets – in some small markets, high frequency can be very affordable and make sense – in mid to large markets where spot rates are hundreds of dollars but more people are reached, an effective schedule with less frequency can save you tens of thousands of dollars annually. Because we know how to get the attention of the listener with a combination of the right message and the right messenger, we can achieve a great return on investment with considerably less frequency. We also know what stations and times to run are truly worth the money and what times are not effective – which can save you tens even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

3. What should I say? You have a very short time to capture the attention of the listener, address what is most important to them, and compel them to act. At RATE, we have written thousands of commercials and have fine tuned our message to know what works and what does not work in a wide variety of markets and situations. Markets vary, conditions change, and competition can emerge on your station – what will you say then? Over the past decade of working in over 200 markets, we have adapted to and thrived in good, bad, and ugly markets and have weathered the storm of competition when other agents have advertised on the stations our clients are on.

4. Exclusive endorsements – One of the biggest ways to stand out from all others and earn an unfair advantage of breaking through the wall of trust is having an authoritative voice or personality that the viewer or listener trust, reassure them that you deserve their trust. These personalities do not endorse just anyone and if they do, their talent fee can be very expensive. At RATE, we have established such a long-standing relationship with the most influential national voices on radio and TV that we not only get immediate approval on requests to work with them, we have negotiated significantly lower talent fees with them and in some cases exclusive arrangements where these celebrities will only work with real estate agents that we represent. In many situations, RATE works directly with the talent which does not allow the station the control to decide whether or not the talent will work with you. Who are some of these personalities? Click here.

5. Network with the top agents in the industry – RATE has the largest client base of the most successful real estate agents in the industry using radio and television advertising effectively and profitably. We have a private forum where agents can share their successful systems and strategies as well as events where agents can learn network with and learn from each other. Because we offer market exclusivity, our clients are far more willing to share knowing that their advantages will not be shared with their competition. The ability to associate with and learn from the most profitable and successful leaders in the industry has had a huge impact on the businesses and ultimately the lives of those we work with. A local media source can’t offer the in-depth knowledge and experience in how radio and television marketing relate to the ever changing real estate industry on a national level like RATE.