Commonly Asked Questions

Do I Qualify?

We're establishing one Realtor as the best in their particular area through a highly reputable source people trust. This type of credibility needs to have some validity. My strategy works best for agents who:

  • Rank in the top 1% of agents in units or volume their market.
  • Already have a significant market presence via listings.
  • Have an administrative team to handle incoming leads.
  • Have at least $30,000 GCI coming in each month.
  • Are willing to accept feedback on their portion of anything that is produced.

If you can answer yes to all of these questions, click here for a Free Market Analysis.

Why do I need you? – I can always go directly to the radio station.

You could, but why do you encourage a home seller to hire you instead of selling a home by themselves? There is no one in the radio or TV station industry that has helped more agents in so many diverse markets to have the clear trackable success that Radio And Television Experts has provided for dozens of the most profitable agents in the industry. Besides our advice, our private network of clients freely share with each other the conversion and accountability systems they use to be profitable. You not only get the RATE team working for you but access to highly successful team leaders that can shave your learning curve considerably.

How much does this cost?

It depends on what market you are in – the size of each radio station's approximate audience coupled with demand on inventory dictates the rates. Since we are introducing you as the smartest marketing agent in your area, we firmly believe in marketing on the top rated and most reputable stations in your market. In addition, rather than buying 20-30 commercials at random times, we narrow down the time frames considerably so you can stand out to listeners at the peak times when the most amount of listeners can be impacted. We have tested the amount of necessary frequency to get the best results and base our recommendations on this. To see if your marketing budget could justify radio, click here to see if you qualify.

How long until I start seeing results?

In some cases, we've had responses the first day, but I ask for 8-12 weeks before we start gauging results. Media is different than direct mail. The audience has to transfer from ‘hearing’ you to actually ‘listening’ to you. The beautiful thing is, once that happens, you'll get referrals from people who have never met you, but only know you through media. If after 8 weeks you don't see noticeable results, I take a closer look and make any necessary adjustments. I don't like to lose, especially since it's hard to re-convince an audience.

How does R.A.T.E. make money?

As an advertising agency, the station awards us a discount for bringing them the business. You do not pay additional fees.

How long am I under contract with you?

As long as you employ the concessions we negotiate for you, use the scripts we give you and use the strategies we put in place for you, we either get a discount from the station or you can 'buy out' the rights from R.A.T.E. Basically, if our ideas are working, there's no reason to stop. If they were not working, you likely wouldn't use them again.

What if you are working with another agent in my market or don't feel I'm ready for media right now?

There are low-cost marketing methods that many of top quality coaching programs offer that can help you. Just because you're not qualified today, doesn't mean you won't be or that there won't be an opening in your market in the future.