Unique Advantages Our 'Experts' Enjoy...

"When I first met Matt back in 2002 his name was across the board as the top salesman at the station. He doubled my business and made me a household name. He is one of the most driven and innovative marketing minds I have ever met. Over the years as he has grown, he consistently looks to improve, add value, and find unique unfair advantages for not just me but hundreds of clients. He has amazing integrity and genuinely cares about the success of everyone he takes on."

Jay Kinder – Broker/Owner of Jay Kinder Real Estate Experts & Co-Founder of NAEA, over 5,000 career homes sold.

"Matt makes it easy for me. He knows what he is doing and our marketing on radio and TV represents 30% of our business."

Keller Williams.

"I have done advertising for years in books, on-line, our local home buyers channel and in the newspaper. Absolutely nothing I have ever done has given me this much recognition as quickly (as radio) I know it's a lot of money, but it is worth a lot of money to be put in the position as the ONLY real estate expert on the air. Safe to say at least 40% of my business comes from radio."

Marti Hampton, Raleigh, NC - Top 10 worldwide for RE/MAX since 2007.

"We first met Matt at one of his invitation only mastermind meetings with some of the industries best... That one meeting honestly changed our outlook on our business. Sitting with guys that do between 500 and 950 transactions a year will definitely motivate you! Matt has had our best interests with the radio stations and has actually got us reduced rates from what we could have achieved. This year we beat our highest year ever (over $1,000,000 GCI 2007) by June 26th, 2008 using Matt's approach to radio and the suggestions of the people he is aligned withMatt's clients are beyond energetic and are humble."

Geoff Walker of the Toscano – Walker Team, #1 in Ottawa, Ca & top 25 in Canada for REMAX.

"We get calls every week from sellers that hear us on radio. Radio has been profitable, but Matt created a vendor program for me that pays for 100% of my campaign!"

Jean Shine, Harker Heights, Tx. Top 3 worldwide for Coldwell Banker since 2005

"First, Matt helped me get Sean Hannity to endorse me even though the station didn't think it was possible and the phone has rang EVERY DAY with people ready to list! Next, Matt helped me get my own talk show on Saturday mornings during which I'm getting so many calls I barely have time to get to my topic! We have grown our business every year and are now #1 by a large margin in our market. Matt played an integral part in this."

Charlotte Mabry, #1 in all of Chattanooga, Tn and all of Tennessee for Keller Williams.

"My husband Travis and my kids moved to Huntsville in 2004 and knew no one. When I met Matt in 2007, I had just sold a little over 50 homes and wanted to take our business to the next level. Over the next few years, Matts radio campaign has been a profitable staple in our marketing and has made us celebrities in Huntsville, Matt introduced us to the best real estate coach in the industry, and has helped us become good friends with several of the top agents in the industry through his mastermind events. In 2009 I sold 195 homes to become the top selling agent in all of Huntsville and in 2010 I achieved the dream of launching my own real estate company.

No question Matt was instrumental in all of this."

Amanda Howard of Amanda Howard Real Estate- Top selling agent in all of Huntsville, Al.

Early on, rather than spend more money on TV, Matt encouraged me to spend less money on radio and I got an immediate ROI and never looked back since then Matt's aligning me with the top personalities in radio (Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck) and a talk show has given me a huge advantage in a highly competitive market. Ive been to the top educational seminars in the industry - Matt's networking functions via conference calls, office tours, or masterminds have connected me with the most cutting edge people in today's industry and has played a major role in helping me sell over 400 homes in 2009 at a time when the rest of the market is dying.

Curtis Johnson, Phoenix, Az. - Wall Street Journal Top 100 teams since 2008.

"We were skeptical at first, but within two years of working with Matt, we doubled our business, are now #1 in our market and in the state out of all teams... by a significant difference. I'm glad my closest competitor blew off Matt, he's been our secret weapon. If you're market isn't claimed grab Matt before your competitor does!"

Mike & Teri Graf, #1 real estate team in Cedar Rapids, Ia.

"I've coached hundreds of the top Realtors in North America & Canada and intensely look at every aspect of ROI. I never saw radio as a dollar productive lead source until I saw first-hand Matts approach to marketing on radio. Ive never seen one specific marketing tool that has virtually doubled my agents listings like Matts system on radio has accomplished one agent after another. We wont allow our clients to use radio unless they use Matt."

Bob Corcoran, CEO, Corcoran Coaching.

Within 3 months of using Matts system, I tripled my listing inventory. Beyond that, my average sales price was right around $200,000. By getting us endorsed by Glenn Beck on the top station in our market, was the single best leverage decision Ive ever made. The average sale price of my business generated is 1.9x higher and the ROI is unbelievable. Shortly after I began working with Matt, two high profile agents called him because of my success, but because of his market exclusivity agreement he had to tell them no. If your market isnt claimed, dont let Matt slip into the hands of your competition!

Andrew Duncan, #1 team in Florida and top 10 in US for RE/MAX 2013

Our first year working with Matt, I can directly point to an extra $68,000 we earned from the Mastermind we had a year ago. My ROI on radio marketing 1st year was over 300%! Matt helped me get a talk show that we have personally endorsed by Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. I tried this on my own – Matt knows what to say and who to have say it.

Jason Bramblett, Top 5 in all of Greensboro, NC since 2009.

"Matt not only helped us turn radio into an immediate lead machine but aligned us with key relationships, a great coach, and many other important elements for success. We became the #1 agents in our market in 2010 and haven’t looked back since."

Claudia Maefsky, Top Selling team in Spokane, Wa for Keller Williams.

Right after I got under contract with Matt I attended his mastermind in July – the top 3 things I implemented from that mastermind all were key turning points that helped me become #1 in the North West for Keller Williams in 2009. Ive taken as many as 25 listings in one month from Matts system on radio.

Nick Shivers, Porltand, Oregon, #1 in NW Region for Keller Williams, since 2009.